Group assignment

The course wheels that have been at a stand still are slowly starting to turn. I have been assigned to group three and will write essays on weeks 3, 7, 11 and 15.

Week 15, Easter, fell upon me. Not the traditional week numbering, the course starts couting this week. So course week 11 is real world week 15.

I cursed and swore, w15 (or week 11), that is GothCon week! I won’t be around to write any essays then! After regaining my calm I thought about it and arrived at the conclusion that I’d rather write an essay early that week, than comment on another’s essay late that week.

So things seem to work out for the best after all.

The plan seems to hold, podcasts will be released on Tuesdays, so there is time for me to write the essay Tuesday evening, and I can leave for GothCon on Wednesday as planed. – The course. – Our essay schedule. – GothCon!

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