Starting all over again

After two years of playing the violin and one year of cello I rushed on to my next instrument, the tapper.

It all started, as usual, with YouTube. It always starts with YouTube. Curse the YouTube.

I googled it and those Chapman Sticks are expensive. Way too expensive for just another toy. There are cheaper instruments available from Megatar, same principle, different implementation. But while I hesitated whether I could afford a toy at that price point the recession hit and the Swedish Krona dropped against the dollar. No Megatar either.

Then I ran into an personals ad about a cheap tapper from Krappy Guitars. It had already been sold, but Kevin offered to make me another one for the same price. After many e-mails and two months of waiting, I have my own tapper.

I managed the violin by myself, just picked it up, tuned it and after an hour the horrible noises formed into a horrible melody, no such luck with the tapper. After almost a week I still can’t play a single melody straight. I will learn this instrument from a proper book instead. I will be following Easy Touch-style Basics by DuPont and Topaz.

I have already completed the first exercise, gluing fret markers on the neck of the guitar so that I will find my way in later lessions.

Krappy guitars tapper.

Krappy guitars tapper. – Chapman Stick – Mobius Megatar – Krappy Guitars


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  1. March 17, 2009 at 06:40

    […] 17, 2009 at 06:39 (Play) Remember back in February when I started playing a tapping guitar? No? Well, anyway, I am learning how to play a tapping […]

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