Full Thrust

Over on StoryGames they started talking about CarWars. We used to play that game a lot in high school, great game, but I can’t stand chit games any more, bump the table and everything has moved. But the thread got me thinking and I decided to try my hand at gaming with minis again. First the thought were mostly on the lines of getting a bunch of Matchbox cars and scale CarWars up to that scale. But that would require that someone, that is me, built terrain for the cars to do their wars in. Not a very attractive proposition.

Back to the drawing board and I remembered all those booster packs for Rocketmen I got a few years ago at EB Games as they moved out of analogue games all together. The Rocketmen game is about, spaceships, fighting and harvesting natural resources in space, not a very nice game IMO, but nice minis nonetheless. I scrounged BGG for minis games where they could be used and came upon Full Thrust, that is free to download (and available as print copies as well). Also I got a black bed sheet, and stole some glittery stars from the GF.

After spending an hour or so assembling the ships, having the GF draw me a turning template we were ready to game!

Start of a Full Thrust game using Rocketmen minis

Start of a Full Thrust game using Rocketmen minis

Closest to the camera, my ships flying in two separate formations, one with my frigates Flame, Plain and Lightning, the other with the two mighty cruisers Claw and Checkered. All named after the paint patterns on the ships. On the other side of the board are the GFs’ ships, the frigates Cookie, Frida’s Frigate and Corduroy , all tangled up with the two cruisers Pancake and Unicorn. A win for me to be sure!

After some impressive navigation on her part, coupled with excellent throwing of dice the situation was a bit different…

Five turns into the game.

Five turns into the game.

My fine formations shot into pieces and Frida’s Frigate chasing my two remaining ones away from the battle. Anyway I had a great time, it is a very neat game, simple rules that offer great depth and variety. I’ll try to push the game on the crowd I usually play games with and see what happens.

www.story-games.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=9194 – The Story Games thread on CarWars.

www.groundzerogames.net – GroundZeroGames that has made Full Thrust and some other games. They have a great minis line for the game, if I can get a group going perhaps I’ll upgrade from the Rocketmen minis into the proper ones.

members.ozemail.com.au/~laranzu/fullthrust/rules/ – Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions, a rules variant that collects the rules in an easy to grasp way. The original rules are spread out over multiple books, all available for free, but a bit of a hassle to work with.

www.wizkidsgames.com/rocketmen/ – Rocketmen, these were the minis used in our game on the pictures above.


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