And two for one…

I have been trading, and I traded two for one…

Recently I have gotten the urge to get back into playing folk music. Mainly in the form of going to sessions and other meetups. I used to play the recorders, but they drown under the more commonly used instruments in Swedish folk; fiddles and nyckelharpas. It is kind of hard to play when you can’t hear yourself. I could start bringing my electric instruments and all the other gear, but that would be a lot of work. And it would really be a bother if we were to play outdoors. So I have traded two old electrics for an accoustic one.

Two old violins

Two old violins

The two violins that I traded. An Arirang EV-20 and a Fender FV-1.

My new violin

My new violin

It is a Guarnerius 1734 model one, built by Lennart Lundmark in 2003. If I hadn’t lost all my violin playing due to guitars, cello and gamba the last year I could have posted a sound clip too, but that will have to wait for a while.

I’ll have to put some money in between the trade, but it is well within the budget for a travel instrument. And I managed to cull my collection, so now there is room for that neat guitar I saw on the Internet… – Fender FV1 product page. – Din Fiol (Your Violin), the company/luthier where I did the trade.


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