Indierummet at SävCon IX

This is just a short summary of the gaming that took place in the indie gaming lounge (Indierummet) at SävCon IX in Sävar, Sweden on the All Hallows Eve weekend. While I usually post con reports on I thought I’d try doing it on a blog to see what happens.

About the con
SävCon is not a big con. I never heard any report on the number of attendees but I estimate there were about 100 people there, including staff. It is strictly an RPG con. You might see some gamers breaking out board games in the corridors, but they are just passing time waiting for their next scheduled game.

The con is hosted in a school building, and many attendees are or have been students at the school. People either go home at night, or sleep in sleeping bags in classrooms. There is a core of experienced scenario writers that come back year after year. Most of the games are free form or system less.

About the indie gaming lounge
I have been at SävCon a few times before, running my game Höstdimma. But this year I hosted an indie gaming lounge with some friends instead. We brought many games with us and put them on display, some that we expected to run, and some just to show.

The greeting table

The table where we displayed some indie games

The event was a huge success. During the three days of the con, Friday at noon to Sunday at noon, the five of us ran about twenty five games, most of them in the schedule’s four hour slots. We accepted both pre registration of five-player teams (as per the con’s usual registration process) and drop-in play.

We had a small study chamber and two huge home economics classrooms at our disposal. This was great, we could actually cook in there. The five of us and some of our friends had soup every evening. Beats pizza and burgers any day. It was great to sit down together and discuss the games that had been played. Those meals not only recharged the body, but also the mind. light conversations over a proper meal are a surprisingly good way to wind down after running intense games for a day.

We tried to get a short evaluation from each group of players after every game.

The games we played
The list is sort of in descending order of how much any game was played. I had planned to add some comments from the evaluations near each game, in case any designer stumbles across this blog. But most of the comments were of the “Awesome game!” or “Great GM!” kind.

  • Panty Explosion – one of the most popular games, many groups came and asked to play it specifically.
  • Höstdimma – the other very popular game, people came and asked for it too
  • Itras by – I ran this awesome Norwegian game four times, a recycled scenario from SnöKon 2009 written by Terje Nordin. The players really liked the two decks of cards that are used in the game.
  • Zombie Cinema – This game is great! Easy to teach, and short enough that even a very tired host can run it.
  • Snakes on a Plane RPG – This gag game from the boards proved to be a huge success amongst the hosts themselves. Very fast and very focused. I only played in one, but my Russian thief (as played by Vin Diesel) actually won by stealing the uranium in the cargo hold before ejecting himself with a parachute right before landing. Also, Vin can ACTUALLY see in darkness.
  • 1001 Nights – Meg Baker’s story game about story telling in the Sultan’s palace. I ran this late on the night between Saturday and Sunday.
  • Medan världen går under – I had planned to run my new game lots and lots, in order to sell lots of it. Instead I mostly ran Itras By. But the single game I played was awesome.
  • Evolutionens barn – Swedish indie game about to released was demoed once.
  • Den Yttersta Domen – One of the authors of this coming indie game was with our group of hosts in the lounge, and he ran a demo of this game.
  • Supergänget (Supercrew) – This game was brought along by us, but no one had actually planned to run it. However when we were away a friend picked it up and ran it for some drop-in players. This late night game turned out to be the best (as in having the highest count of the word ‘Awesome’ and exclamation marks in the evaluation) game run in the indie gaming lounge during the entire con. Awesome!

One cool thing I saw at…
.. nah, I can’t limit myself to just one thing, But having home economics classrooms to play in was very cool, especially since we had the soup get-togethers every evening.

Also I sold all the remaining copies of Höstdimma (except my personal copy) that project now has reached break-even. WOHO! Well, as long as I only count money spent, and not hours spent…

The spirit at SävCon is great. It is a small con but there is so much gaming going on, all the time! It is very easy to find a group to play with or go to the cafeteria to find players for a pick up game. And the staff really makes you feel welcome.

We already have started planning for SävCon X – The SävCon IX website. – Official site for the game Panty Explosion. The link to the web shop is dead at the moment but you can order it from Lulu. – Official site for the game Höstdimma. – Official site for the game Itras By. Contains PDFs of the cards used in the game. Download, print, cut!
Official site for Zombie Cinema. – The thread at where Snakes on a Plane RPG can be read. – A Thousand and One Nights site where the game is sold. – The playtest document for A Thousand and One Nights in Meguey’s blog, this was the one I ran at the con.ärlden-går-under/7565668 – Direct link to Medan världen går under at Lulu. – Wiki for Den Yttersta Domen. – The official Evolutionens Barn page. – The list of games at Kaleidoskop, Supergänget (Supercrew) that we (sort of) ran. Also has information about Haragada and Nostalgi that we had on the display table. – A thread on where Anders links to a PDF of the game Bläck, which we never ran but it was on the display table.


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