While the World Ends – A story game about a future on the brink of change

Today I got a package from the UK in the mail – the test print of my new game While the World Ends – A story game about a future on the brink of change. Since the test print came out OK I have opened the Lulu shop to the public.

The game was written as my entry in the Write an RPG in 2009 challenge on the WRNU boards. It was first released in Swedish, but after some discussions on Story Games I decided to translate and release the game in English too. Thanks again to Jens, John and Micah who proofread the game and gave it a lot better language than it would otherwise have had. And to Seth, who got me started.

As you can see from the back of the book it is a game for three to four players that can be played in an evening. It is GM-less and no-prep, or rather everyone does the prep together at the beginning of each game.

Before the game starts the players generate a futuristic world together, decide upon an important change that it is about to go through and two possible outcomes of that change. When the game starts the players follow the adventures of the main characters as they go through the story pursuing their goals and avoiding their fears. At the same time the players try to influence the story to lead they at the same time compete to drive the change into causing the outcome that they strive for.

That is, the outcome that the players strive for. The players are divided into two teams that compete to decide the outcome of the change, this is an RPG where you can actually WIN the game. Also the game is good fun.

www.lulu.com/product/5945539 – The While the World Ends page on Lulu.

rollspel.nu – The Swedish RPG community Rollspel.nu where the SERU2009 challenge was run.

story-games.com – The Story Games Community.

On April 9 2010 Björn den Gode posted a review/actual play on www.rollspel.nu you can read the Swedish orignal here or machine translated by Google here.


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  1. May 24, 2011 at 18:21

    […] 24, 2011 at 18:21 (Games, Playing games) While the World Ends I mentioned that I played While the World Ends at GothCon XXXV. One of the players wrote a play report after the con, and then offered to run the […]

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