Reading Thou Art But A Warrior – A Polaris Supplement by Anna Kreider

Thou Art But A Warrior was actually the reason why I bought Polaris in the first place, playing doomed Muslim knights seemed way cooler than doomed Arctic knights.

Since TABAW is just a supplement for Polaris the sections below will be rather short.

The book
The book is a small booklet with 52 pages of game and a few more pages with ads for other indie games at the end. Anna has painted the pictures herself, and they are in colour!

I usually don’t see editing mistakes, but in TABAW I caught a few. The layout was done in Word so it is not as pretty as the original Polaris.

The setting
The reason for getting TABAW, playing doomed Muslim knights in Iberia. There are about 20 pages of pure setting, and a list of stuff that a knight should and should not do.

The rules
The rules are basically the same as those in Polaris. The most prominent change is the addition of Discord – a measure of how close the final doom of the community that the knights are trying to protect. As the Discord rises the setting is changed, and suggestions are given for scenes that can reflect that change.

The form
Some off the phrases have changed to reflect the new setting, and there are some additional advice on how to play.

The setting is OK, suddenly the game is about a historic period instead of some imagined fantasy world. But twenty pages and a list of Dos and Don’ts seem a bit thin.

The rules are good, the inclusion of the rising Discord is cool.

The form excellent, but it does not offer anything that was not already in Polaris.

Will I play it?
Maybe, I feel a need to read up on that period of time before playing. Perhaps after having played Polaris for a while Thou Art But A Warrior will be a nice change of scenery. – Tasty Bacon Games.

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