Indierummet at GothCon XXXIV

Just a short summary of the gaming in the indie gaming lounge (Indierummet) at GothCon XXXIV.

About the con
GothCon is Sweden’s biggest con, with 1500-2000 visitors every year. I have not seen any exact figures for this years attendence yet though. It is not strictly an RPG con and has huge sections dedicated to Magic CCG and Warhammer minis too. And there are workshops, boardgaming and all other sorts of nice geeky things going on at the same time.

About the indie gaming lounge
The indie gaming lounge has been around for a few years, and even if I am considered one of the regulars these days I did not see the early years. This year we had two gaming tables set up in the lounge itself and games often spilled over into nearby corridors when there were many guests. This year there was a lack of game masters for other RPG events, providing a steady flow of full groups of players coming looking for drop in games.

I’m sad to say that we had to turn away as many players as we could accomodate. The arrangements around the lounge were a bit chaotic this year and it was only a few months before the con that we knew for certain that there actually would be a lounge at all.

As usual the lounge had the pot-luck-gaming going where all game masters bring whatever games that they want to run and put them on a table for display. Guests can then browse the games and ask questions, if they want to play something one of the available game masters asks for preferences and then tries to find a suitable game and then the game is on.

The games we played

The last day of the con I tried to make a record of everything that had been played in the lounge. Some games might be missing as the game masters embrace the drop in character of the lounge and only show up when they feel like it.

Whiteboard showing the games played in the indie gaming lounge at GothCon XXXIV

Games played

One cool thing I saw at…
… well, Lady Blackbird… I ran that game four times and with good results every time. It taught me a thing or two about game mastering, I’ll have to write another post about that sometime.

Also Arvid hooked us up with a great place to sleep, infinite kudos for that. I have never been as rested and full of energy at GothCon before.… – The indie gaming lounge entry on the GothCon site.



  1. Tomas said,

    April 9, 2010 at 09:57

    I must take the time to visit GothCon again next year. Have not been there since 1992 or 3, I believe. Had some great experiences on GothCon back then.

    But now I would like to visit and present my modern games, having swedes play them, and see what happens.

    And maybe the new version of my frpg Fabula would be interesting to set up there too …

  2. April 12, 2010 at 10:41

    Återigen bekräftas min tes om att rollspelare överlag har fulare handstilar än gemene man. 🙂

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