The games, they are a’coming

Three new games have caught my attention recently:

I have mentioned Perfect before on the blog, when it was out for playtest. Now Joe is done with it and is kickstarting the preorders. Very neat setting, and I am excited to see the new rules.

I read an early copy of Rustbelt before I started this blog. It is a very neat and gritty game, and now Marshall has completed it and takes preorders for the print version. Not really a post-apoc game, but an apoc game!

Dead of Night second edition
I have the first edition of Dead of Night in my collection. It was the first game I ran in the Indie Gaming Lounge the first year I attended GothCon, seeing it again brings back lots of memories. Excellent B-movie horror stories. I am looking forward to reading Andrews updates to the game, and having it in a more readable format.


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