Reading Remember Tomorrow – Near Future Role-Playing by Gregor Hutton

A friend asked on a forum if anyone wanted to play Gregor Hutton’s Remember Tomorrow – Near Future Role-Playing as Play by Post. I said ‘Yes!’ and ordered the game.

Below follows my impressions from reading it.

Cover of Remember Tomorrow

Cover of Remember Tomorrow

The book
The book has the usual indie format, 6×9, soft cover and weighs in at 48 pages. John Hodgson has made a nice cover and the interior is full of grainy photo manipulations.

Even for 48 pages it is a fast read, many of the pages have full page illustrations and some pages are filled with tables and lists.

The setting
The setting is the near future cyber-punk from Neuromancer and Bladerunner. The game gives enough information that someone unfamiliar with the source material could get the general idea.

The rules
The rules are light and fast and work at the conflict/scene resolution level. The players roll 3d10, and assign the dice once rolled to the three stats Able, Ready and Willing. Every die lower than or equal to the stat gives one success, most successes wins.

Every PC has a goal that he or she is working towards. Once the PC is Able, Ready and Willing the goal is reached.

The form
Most of the game exists in the form, which is a variant of rotating GM. There is a pool of PCs and Factions. Each player holds one PC as their own, remaining PCs are NPCs for the time being. But under certain conditions a player may switch the held PC for any available in the pool. The factions are the opponents of the PCs, and both new PCs and Factions can be introduced even after the game has started.

There is a strict division of the game into scenes, and the players take turns acting as the Controller (GM) who sets scenes to challenge the PCs of the other players.

The setting is ok, it would have been nice to get more information, but there is enough to go on.
The rules are good, they only reflect the PCs and Factions struggles. But that is the focus of the game, and they do it well.
The form is excellent, there are clear instructions and an example showing how the game should be played.

Will I play it?
Yes, obviously. We have just completed character generation and are currently building the Factions that will oppose the PCs.

But, will I play it at a table, will it go in my con bag?

Maybe, I’m not sure. There is a while lot of overlap between Remember Tomorrow and my own game While the World Ends. They solve similar problems in similar ways. It seems that WtWE has a more predictable game length and the simpler rule set of the two. On the other hand actual play will start quicker with Remember Tomorrow as no time is spent on doing the lengthy collaborative prep work of WtWE. – Official site – Awesome Harry Potter hack for Remember Tomorrow, that might just put the game on the table after all…

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