The Owlbear book and Swedish RPG podcast

First! Drop everything and go and read Call for Papers: “Magic Missile” for GPNW 2011. See the cover of that book? Neat, eh? I understand that the cover is just a preliminary mock up, but still, awesome owlbear. I submitted a proposal for an article, will you?

Also, I am a great fan of RPG Podcasts, and I usually point out the nuggets of gold I find on NordNordOst, but they are all English language. At least they have been until now. Thom Kiraly has started Märklighetstroget, the first Swedish RPG podcast. The first episode is about Play Unsafe.

Now that I am breaking my review streak to post about random stuff anyway, go check out the discussion about Game mashups. Some of those imagined games should be put to paper, and then brought to my gaming table.


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