Visiting SävCon XI

Last weekend I went with some friends to SävCon XI to host the Indie Gaming Lounge for the third time. After the signups there were just three registered teams/groups who had shown an interest in our event, but when we did the final count we had run no less than 26 games. Some GMs from the other events had to cancel at the last minute and their players were sent our way, then there were the usual drop in players, and a few games where the free hosts of the IGL sat down to play a game for themselves.

  • A Taste for Murder – 4 times
  • Zombie Cinema – 4 times
  • Lady Blackbird – 3 times
  • Mist of Life – 3 times
  • Panty Explosion Perfect – 2 times
  • Den yttersta domen – 2 times
  • Snakes on a Plane – 2 times
  • The Daughters of Verona – 1 time
  • Witch Quest – 1 time
  • Fiasco – 1 time
  • Annalise – 1 time
  • Trollbabe – 1 time
  • In a Wicked Age – 1 time

I ran six games, went to the sauna, had the traditional IGL sausage Stroganoff supper, dodged the TV team and had a good time in general hanging out with the other hosts of the IGL.

Zombie Cinema players

Zombie Cinema players

We have been thinking of retiring Zombie Cinema from the IGL, after all – the event is about demoing new cool games. But still we bring it with us every year. It’s an awesome game, it’s easy to teach, and pretty much everyone has some form of prior knowledge of the ‘setting’. At one time, when we were choked with players we just handed a group ZC and told them to have fun. They came back four hours later with the game, cheering and laughing, they’d had a blast. So I think we’ll have to keep it on the menu for another few years. It’s also a good game for new hosts to run, since it’s so easy.

The game I played was set at a wizard school, somewhere halfway between Hogwarts and Brakebills College. It was great fun and reminded me to get back to writing The Academy.

I ran a game of The Daughters of Verona. Two of the players were SCA enthusiasts and one was a student of theater and script writing. That definitely was no disadvantage in having a good time with the game, but it was nice to see that enthusiasts of the genre could enjoy the game as well. One of the players even posted a short AP after the game.

Right before packing up I ran a quick game of Witch Quest. Since there were an odd number of players I let one of the witches have twin cats who shared all pools. It worked very well, and I’ll keep that technique in mind for future games.

Witch Quest players

Witch Quest players


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