A better end of the world this Epimas

And now Christmas Eve is here, and Epiclaus has delivered the gaming gifts. I hope you’ll have a good time playing your new games with friends and family.

Epidiah and Emily are celebrating Epimas, and we’re invited. It’s all about gaming and giving games on the day before Christmas, which for them means Dec 24. Over here Santa come with presents a day earlier, on Christmas Eve, still a good day to give and get games.

Presently there are ten different PDF games listed on the site that you can buy for just $2.22 each. When you buy a gift for a friend, you get a free copy for yourself as well. If you order in time, the game will be sent out on Dec 24.

For the occasion I have created a special Revised edition of my game While the World Ends. It’s still the same game, but I have worked some of the rules tweaks that I have mentioned here on the blog into the text, so that everything will be in one place. The game has also been reformatted into US-Letter for easier printing. If you already have the game, there’s no real need to upgrade, but maybe it’s time to share it with a friend as an Epimas present?


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