Key code : 1034 – A Zombie Cinema hack

Over Easter I ran a game design challenge on the Swedish RPG forum There were unusually few participants, mostly due to most of the Swedish indie game design community having their yearly meetup at GothCon at the same time.

But a few participants submitted games, and I wrote a short game myself just to keep busy while I waited for the others’ games to be posted.

Actually, it wasn’t much of a game, but rather a little hack for one of my all time favourite RPGs – Zombie Cinema. But given the time invested the result was most satisfying. Relying on a pre existing game and just tweaking the small bits you want different saves huge amounts of time compared with writing a whole game from scratch. Even if it’s just a small indie game.

Key code : 1034

Come join us in the collective The Bumblebees for our New Year’s party. We’ll fix food and champagne, bring anything else that you want during the evening. The party starts at seven, but the sauna is open from five for those who are interested. As usual the key code is 1034.

The hack is just a new board for Zombie Cinema. Print and play!

Download the Key code : 1034 board.

To play this hack you’ll need a copy of Zombie Cinema.

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