10 years and still going strong, but elsewhere.


I just noticed that this blog celebrates 10 years this year. It still draws a lot of traffic, even if the updates are few and far between these days.  The blog peaked while I was making a drive to read all the games that I had hoarded.  But now I don’t read that many games any more. I have shifted my interests from consuming RPG stuff to producing RPG stuff, and thought I’d mention a couple of places where you can learn more about those things.

The first major thing is that I started a separate blog for posting about the game design projects I’m doing.  The blog carries the very clever name Wilhelm’s Games.  And while I haven’t been a very frequent poster there either I have managed to publish a game a year for some time now. This year it was the Gnostic horror OSR RPG Kuf. And the year before that I co-wrote a cyberpunk RPG called Cyber M/77 with some other Swedish amateur game designers.

I host an RPG podcast called Nordnordost.  It is mostly in Swedish, but there’s a couple of episodes in English as well.  The podcast has shifted focus over the years, first it was very focused on the Indie style of games.  Then came a year or so that was about the Traditional style games.  Then it was very much about OSR while I wrote Kuf and translated Knave into Swedish.  These days it is all over the place topics wise.  Check it out!

Last year I started an RPG fanzine focused on older and retro style games.  The fanzine is called Hydra, and an issue comes out every once in a while, when we have managed to collect enough material to make it worth it.

If you’re curious about the games I have written they are available via DriveThruRPG and Lulu.





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