About a life all play and games

This is a blog about my life all play and games.

Time not wasted eating, sleeping or working in order to afford the food for eating and place for sleeping I usually spend playing. Exactly what I might be playing changes with my mood and the company present, of course.

I play both instruments and games, and while the two categories both have ‘play’ in them, they are so disparate that I have created two different categories in this fine WordPress blog to divide them. The play category is about the musical and noisy kind of playing and the games category is about the sometimes competitive and usually less noisy variety.

On the gaming side of things I can make some minor claim to fame on the indie RPG scene after having self-published a couple games on Lulu and DriveThruRPG and Indie Press Revolution.

As for the music hobby, I am not (nor do I ever expect to be) known for anything at all. While I do play many different instruments I don’t play any single instrument well enough to perform in public. I don’t see that changing in the near future either, too many other neat instruments I want to try.

Playing an Ergo Instruments 5-string electric cello


  1. March 8, 2011 at 12:31

    My friend, I just wanted to tell you that, as a person who knew you when our middle school piano teacher did her very best to kill your joy of music, I’m very glad she failed.
    The real success story here isn’t skill or accomplishment, but retaining your joy, musicality and curiosity in the face of …well. Let’s say a pedestrian worldview. You may or may not rock your instruments, but to me, you rock. 😉

    • Wilhelm said,

      March 8, 2011 at 12:50


      Recently I have even gotten a keyboard and have been doodling on it a few times. It might not be great music, but it feels great.

      The trauma is behind me. 🙂

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